10k Training

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have decided to sign up for two 10k Marathon’s, it’s great anything 5k or over is a marathon in Japan. So the first is September 12th in Misawa and another is the end of October in Tsugara. Doing the 10k race for both. Not really exactly sure what possessed me to sign up as training in 35 plus heat is seriously insane. Nonetheless it was a challenge I believed I needed! I have been cycling a lot so this meant I had some fitness to start off, always a bonus! I have found a lovely path down by the river, which has a teeny tiny teeny breeze, every little bit counts though. I try to run as close to sunset as possible so it’s not baking hot. It has been an interesting training, I am usually sweating before I begin so it’s pretty miserable, but at the same time enjoyable. The path along the river is stunning, with rice fields either side and the mountains in the background. I love it, especially after sitting a whole day in the office. It took a few runs to adjust to running in such hot/humid weather but I have stopped hallucinating and rather enjoy it now! The sweating still though is seriously amazing, I have to peel my clothes off afterwards and it takes a decent amount of time for my face to go to a normal colour.

The people I meet are a great distraction from the pain. Plenty of old women covered from head to toe in clothes which protect their skin from the sun, the only thing peeping out is their eyes. They always stop and bow as I run by which of course I return. Lots of dog’s mostly quite vicious though but the occasional puppy dressed in little outfits, with bows and hair clips, seriously kitted out lil queens.
Then there is my new friend, one lady I have seen every day since I started to run, she spots me from the kitchen window (I think) and comes out to cheer me. I do a loop of the river, crossing the bridges as the track becomes un-runable after a while. She waits by one of the bridges and when she sees me coming will clap and cheer me till I reach her. Such a hero! It’s very bizarre and funny to me so I’m always laughing and saying thank you, this seems to encourage her more. The excitement on her face is truly inspiring. She always tries to talk to me and it’s times like this I really wish I could answer her, but smiling and nodding will have to do for now


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