A Welcome Party

Sunset from my balcony

So I have my home, a job  and my bank account. These are the safety elements that make me feel at ease already. Setting up a life begins with making formalities and I feel suddenly like I’m on my way, I have taken the first step towards my new life. It makes you feel less lost when you have a ground to stand on and so I continue to smile and try to embrace it all. I know what I feel, the nervous thoughts and anxious flashes are to be expected, that I should not let these feelings take over or use them as judgment. I am here because I wanted to be here and I am scared because I made it.

So the one thing left to meet in my new life are my freinds to be. On my arrival day I am thrown a welcome party. Another sign of an accepting generous culture. I meet my co-workers, mostly the English section of the school but two others join the table. Noda sensei I should mention is my supervisor, a sweet lady with the kindest warm heart. She has brought me around and helped me to feel secure by sorting out all my roots. I am addressed several times while they stand and make a speech to me about how happy they are I am here, how much they have anticipated my arrival and how excited they are to work with me. The more they drink the more they stand and address me. It is very welcoming to now that they have been awaiting me, that they are excited about my arrival and this make me feel less lost and stranded. I felt more a part of a community after meeting these nice people and seeing them relax and enjoy themselves helped me to forget about my stressful day.
Japanese like to drink and so they got very drunk! One member left for the toilet and did not come back for a good half hour, everyone else had a laugh and just continued as normal!

Omeagay from a teacher


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