Bread Baking

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bread Baking Bread in Japan is a little different than home, to say the least. It is hard to find, very white/ cardboard like, really never goes mouldy which can’t be a good thing, it’s expensive and awfully tasteless to be honest. I miss Moma’s bread making talent. So another task is set. Home made bread! I head to the supermarket with dictionary in hand and proceed to pointing words out like flour, sugar and yeast to the more than willing helpful staff . Lots of laughing along the way as I point and they guide me to an area, then point at a large stack of various options. I go for a lucky dip usually, hoping for the best. I should point out that the shop is half medication half groceries so saying yeast alot gets a bit worrying!!! They don’t have self rasing flour so bicarbonnate soda is another thing to add to the list, and a tricky one to find also. I have managed to find milk over the last few hundred trips so that I have already. Over an hour I manage to buy what I beleived to be flour, yeast, milk and sugar (no hope in finding caster sugar). I return home rather happy with my shopping accomplishment. Now to find a simple recipe to put it all together. I find one online that looks seriously easy, nothing could go wrong really? Well yes it could acctually. It says add 2 cups of flour which I did but its as runny as water so I can hardly kneed that?? I keep adding flour until the entire packet is used, but its still pretty damn runny. Feck it I throw it onto a board try my best to kneed it but end up with sticky dough stuff everywhere! I throw it in a bowl, let it supposedly rise for an hour then do another attempt of needing it. At this stage I know it will be a disaster so I just threw it into the oven and hoped if anything it would smell nice!!! After about an hour, it smelt amazing, what came out though was a solid rock hard loaf of bread! I had to taste it, would have been rude not too, almost broke a tooth but the crusty bit ontop resembled bread in some way. Well first attempt down plenty more to come! It doesn’t look so bad but beware looks aren’t everything!


It doesn’t look too bad…..looks aren’t everything!


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