Eight Men to a window

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The window men returned but brought some friends this time. So I was swamped by 8 of them in the tiny apartment to fix the 3 screens. They were very nervous about going in to my bedroom and kept profusely apologizing before and after. It was quite a bit of work having them all there as I did so much bowing to thank them, and so much smiling when they were explaning everything in Japanese to me. Such nice workmen, they noticed my bathroom door was jamming so took it off the hinges and put new rollers on it! One poor chap was determined to keep me update with everything they were doing in English, so had his head in a huge dictionary the whole time, he would be there for like 5minutes then shout out something like ‘screen magnet’. I was happy just to sit and observe but he was worried I wasn’t informed enough. I gave them all watermelon and water so they were very happy workmen. Took them most of the day so I got to stay home and sit infront of the fan all day, which was ideal to say the least. And I have lovely new screens to keep the bugs out. Happy.

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