Japanese Bromance, Lesson One and Greetings day

Thursday, August 26, 2010


A strange and wonderful affection boys have for each in Japanese High schools. Today while teaching I watched two boys hold hands accross a desk. They stroked and pet’d each other throughout the entire lesson. When I saw it first my instant reaction was to laugh, thank god I held back, but I felt pretty awkward stumbling on such a situation. Something I’ve been told is quite normal here is boys showing love for each other. They cuddle, hug all the time, they also hold hands alot and sit on each others lap. It’s very odd to think of any boys I know in Ireland sitting on each others laps. But it’s quite lovely to see it.

They also wear clips in their hair, even the macho baseball players!

Lesson One

Today was my very first lesson at Nishi KoKo. I had been nervously anticipating this day since I have arrived. I’d heard a lot from other JET’s about preparring yourself for teaching a class of zombies, I had been told that when Japanese students don’t know an answer they will simply freeze solid for as long as needed. To my surprise they were amazing. After some enthusiastic encouragement, ok ALOT of enthusiastic encouragement, they loosened up and started to respond a bit. I was delighted how well it went. Some of them are hillarious asking me did I kill and eat the chickens I had as pets. They loved the slide show especially a picture of an Irish wolf hound! And when it was question time they wanted to know all about my favourite food in Japan, my favourite place in Japan, my favourite word in Japanese and they were so delighted when I said I loved sushi. The girls are very giggly, which is far better than boring! I hope the rest of the introduction classes go as well as this one….who knows!

Making shamrocks for the classroom 🙂


Today is ‘Greeting day’ in Nishi Koko. Twice a month (every month) all the teachers including the principle line the entire outside of the school building to greet the students arriving to school. What an amzingly nice tradition. The students cycle or walk passed and everyone exchanges ‘Ohayou Gozaimasu’, I could never imgaine the teachers in St Andrews lining the avenue to greet students like that. It was lashing rain aswell, but all the teachers and all the emplyees in the office put on their outdoor shoes, opened their umbrella’s, stood out in the rain then greeted and smiled at every single student that passed.
It was amazing to see the wonderful relationship students have with there teachers here.


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