Sunday, August 29, 2010

                                                                                    Sugar’d glazed strawberry’s


Friday night I ventured across the city to meet up with the other guyjing (foreigners) I managed to grab a lift from the station to Jackie’s house and stayed over to save the trek home that evening. Saturday morning I woke at 6am to Baseball chants coming from the school that Jackie lives beside, having gone to bed very late this concluded my sleeping after maybe 4 hours. I am tired.

I have cycled to Jackie’s before so I believe I am well capable of walking to the station, no probs! Weirdly I am wearing jeans maybe I was delirious the night before when I was changing who knows but I damn regret it on Saturday morning, the sun is blazing again. I set out with my jeans rolled up as much as they will go, which really is not far at all, there jeggins that don’t seem fond of being rolled. This frustrates me an awful lot and all I can think of is how great it would be just to walk in my knickers!

On what I estimated to be maybe a 40minute walk to the station I manage to walk two hours in the entire wrong direction, I still don’t know where I was. I only realize after maybe an hour and a half that I am horrifically lost, why wasn’t I arriving at anything familiar? at all, at all, at all. At this stage I need some shorts, real bad, I need a cap and a juice and a hug. I begin to think of how easy life was at home how well I have learnt my way from the guidance of my mammy and daddy. I can find whatever I want and I can ask if I need help. Here I am really lost and I am alone and I’m really sad. I cannot even find my way back to Jackie’s, my phone battery died the night before so it’s really no help what so ever. I have a map but it’s a google print off, all it has is the city stuff and people’s houses which is really no use whatsoever right now. I fight back the tears constantly trying to pretend that this is an adventure, it’s kinda funny. But it wasn’t at the time I really wanted to go home, home to Ireland. I know if I ask a passer by for help they would probably carry me to the station on their backs but I can’t, I don’t know what stopped me really I was just all miserable. I sat down in my stupid sweaty jeans and let the tears just come, I didn’t have the energy to fight them.

Well it is actually really funny now, looking back. Silly girl! About ten minutes later I catch a taxi and get to the station for like ten euro. I was an awfully far way away but sure if I hit that hood again I’ll know it, I’m pathetic for the crying I know! At least it makes the story funny! When I get into the taxi my eyes are all red and my face is puffy. I start saying station to the taxi man which is Eki but I’m a bit delirious so instead I am actually saying Ebi to him. This means Prawn. He keeps giving me a very confused look which I can’t understand because everybody knows Eki?!! There I am chanting PRAWN, PRAAAAAAAWN, PR-AW-NNN, PRAWWWWWN, to the poor chap. He eventually says ‘you like go sushi?’No no I want to go to Aomroi PRAWWWWWWN! He eventually says Aomori Eki? after I am acting out train noises. The two of us roar laughing, yes yes please no prawn just take me away from this crazy place!
Photos are taken at a small market by the station (EBI not EKI), on Friday

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