Shoes Off Please

My shoe Locker at school

And so another traditional custom to embrace. The removing of the footwear!
Wherever you find yourself the taking on and off of the shoes is a common occurance, from houses, restaurants and bars to dressing rooms and offices. An indoor pair of shoes is an important staple of the wardrobe.
So I ventured into the shops last  night to find some amzaing ones full of pretty clothes and accesories. I got quite excited when I realised that I do infact fit into the clothes contrary to what I was told (being 5’11 in japan is unheard of) it was interesting trying to ask for sizes so I just abandoned that and stuck to the judgement of my eye.
When going to try something on you must hand your clothes to the staff, enter the changing room and they  hand in your clothes off the hangers. Quite a formal affair, something I was not warned about so felt very awkward when I enetered with my shoes on and caused a panic. It was such a relief to be able to wear something so light and breathable to work. In 35 degree and upward heat it is just so miserable in a suit with no aircon!
Also wearing no socks or tights is not so cool beans either, they all wear the nylon skin tights which are horrific in this heat or else these cute sock things!

Pretty slipper socks

Today is a scorcher and even in my new summer dress I feel in awful pain, the fan was removed for an unknown reason and the windows give no breeze, I am without a doubt melting away……..

Evening bedroom temp Aug 9th 2010
Multi task cleaner slippers!


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