Strange Wonderful BitsnBobs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
When you book a flight in Japan you can reserve it online then you have a few days to pay your bill in cash at your local shop. Imagine going to spar to pay for ryanair! It’s ideal, just shows that this country really is a cash based society you can live so very happily without a credit card!

Yuki Sensei was helping me a ridiculous amount yesterday with locating a gym and so I gave him some Irish fudge sweets, to express his enjoyment he sucked, chewed and made some wonderfully load noises for the entire staff room to experience. I know he was being appreciative but it was awfully bizarre he sounded like a strange suffering animal, I can’t understand how I was the only one trying desperately to hide my sniggles. After that he proceeded to help me even more! Printing out and calling lots of Onsens in the area for information for me. He even drew out the kanjo sign for men and woman as he was worried I might stumble into the mens. Yuki Sensei also warned me quite alot that ‘you know Japanese take all their clothes off…ALL of their clothes you know?’ he was so worried I would look horrified so said that maybe because I was foreign they would make an exception. I told him not to worry I would be embracing the Japanese way as it was my home now. He clapped and smiled so much that most of the staff room joined in, they seem to enjoy clapping at me which can only be a great thing. They really like to clap and smile 🙂

150ml can of coke, very big!
                                                                                                             A can of coffee, both hot and cold!

My bank account book has Tom & Jerry pictures all over it and so does everyone else’s (its not just the strange foreigner that gets the quirky book), so formal and serious I know. Could you imagine all the doctors, lawyers and builders in Ireland with Tom & Jerry bank books? You also get a card but I’m not sure what to use that for! To use the atm you insert your bank book not the card and it prints onto the book all your details about the transaction as well as your balance. Clever Asians.

ATM card
100yen shops (100yen is about 1 euro) are everywhere and nothing like the dodgy euro shops at home. Some are as nice as Avoca handweavers. They’re everywhere and there are lots of different ones, some classier than others. I am currently kitting out the gaff with the cutest Asia accessories from ‘Seria’ my favourite of all the 100yen shops. You can get everything from kitchen, garden, bathroom stuff, to food, picture frames, electronics…..and everything is flat rate 100yen. I need a limit per week as I am beginning to think Onsen’s and yen shops will take over my life in Japan!
When there are road works here, like any kind of road works small and big there is always a wee traffic man to guide you by car or foot. There are 2 small diggers on my road, everytime I pass them the man guides me around, most of the time the digger isn’t even on!

Japanese people walk so so fast, they talk out loud a lot to themselves which is hillarious and so hard to get used to and when they sneeze its terrifyingly. Other than that they are really really quite calm people.

Staff Room in school

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