The Basketball Babes

The BasketBall Babes

Today to avoid the heat its good to wander the corridors as they are often cooler than the staff room. I also am trying to navigate my way around to learn my way! There is a basketball tournament on so there are even more students staring at me (‘the guyging’) than usual and I’m not sure which ones are Nishiko kids so I try just to say hi to everyone and anyone. I found the photocopy room downstairs which has some sort of fan in it so camp out there for an hour or so making posters.
It’s strange the way they still act quite old fashioned in such a modern forward country. The basketball tournament is just boys, maybe there is a girls on another day, but each team has these sort of girl slave “managers”. Its strange to think of them auditioning for such a job, its kind of like slavery. They run around after the boys with towels, drinks and clothing, like mothers they tender the boys every need!
Weird its like an extreme version of waterboy except its a group of well groomed girls!! The girls will never walk across the view of someone older than them, so as I stand watching the tournament everyone that passes dips down realy low as they walk by.

This morning NodaSensei brought me to my house after I arrived as she said there was someone wanting to measure my windows for new blinds. So 3 really small men are in my tiny house with myself and noda, they talk, discuss and measure the windows. Meanwhile I feel like Alice in Wonderland growing too big for my house. I am so big and they are so small!
The 3 of them running around me makes me realise why my house was made so small and why the counters are so obnoxioulsy low!
I sit and watch as of course they don’t understand English, Noda occasionally translates whatever she understands but I pick up that I’m getting some new screens to keep the insects out, very happy about this!


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