Tricksy groceries

So I bought 4 blocks of cheese before I found butter, bought cream instead of yogurt, poured cartons of yogurt on my cereal, bought chicken in a can instead of tuna, cannot for the life of me tell if stuff is meat or fish or veg and had a general stressful time while shopping. Most of the time I laugh at myself so it’s all a learning curve! But I am gradually finding stuff by trial and error.

See how you do!
True or False Quiz
A) Butter?
B) Cream?

C) Chicken?

D) Cheese?

E) Yogurt?

A) Butter fourth attemp was succesful B) Yogurt C)Infact is Tuna after some close chicken encounters! D) Blok of cheese E) MILK 🙂
Then it’s all worth while when you find fesh Edamamen beans, boil and salt em then enjoy with a big bowl of ramen noodles! This was a grrrrrrrreat dinner 🙂

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