Tsugara Burning Horse Festival

Monday, August 30, 2010



Red Bridge


Sunday was a great, great day. After a rocky Saturday, with the losing myself business, this Sunday took over the whole weekend and made it all happy! Just shows my new life will have ups and downs but the highs most definitely squash the lows.

I headed to watch the soccer team’s match at Nishi Koko at mid day, to show some support thus earning great browny points and I also actually enjoy it so win win all round. They were more than delighted with my attendance, I got to sit at the side line with all the subs, on a chair even, which was great although very sweaty. They play on clay and it was really really hot and clammy so when they come close you get a cloud of clay in the face which then of course sticks to you. This made me fit in, no blazing white skin to be seen! I actually couldn’t stay for the whole match as I was worried I would die of sun, death by sun, it is possible.

Christy and a baba
So after half time I headed for a BBQ on the beach which was amazing. Great food, great people, great fun! Lot’s of crazy Japanese people who are endless entertainment, these people have a gift to make anyone smile. Little babas and fun lovin granpas mixed with foreign friends. We headed at about 4 on a road trip to the West of Aomori. A huge shrine (which I’m sorry I cannot remember the name of) was our first stop, which we eventually reached just in time to see it at sunset, this was actually an amazing time to experience it, the lighting really was fantastic. It was great apart from the bizarre looking spiders spinning their evening webs all over the gaff, ugh! memories of the monster tarantula from my apartment (shudder) and I also got some juicy juicy mozy bites.

Next we headed to Tsugara city for the burning horse festival, contrary to it’s name no of course they don’t burn horses but just paper floats of them. We missed the fire dancing unfortunately but got to hear some creepy tribal music which was cool. And of course you can’t have a festival in Japan without some fireworks. Boom Boom.

Burning Horse Festival
Burning Horse Festival
Burning Horse Festival

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