I live in Aomori, Japan’s Blue Forest.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weiner Coffee and Cakes


Most Japanese people I meet (outside of Aomori) tend to either laugh or give a slightly pitied look to you when you say you live here. It is so beautiful though, I wonder if they are jealous sometimes! People who have laughed often have not even travelled north but the fact it is the very tip of the country makes them believe it is just for hill billies. If I was to be given a choice today, of where to live in Japan for a year, I’d pick right here. If you look, or even just keep your eyes open you will see this city has some people and places that are one in a million.

The blue forest is a magic place.

On Sunday myself and Christy adventured around the city looking at galleries, well our plan was gallerieSSS but we made it to one at least. The strangest of down pour rain storms stopped us from visiting many, but one was great and it meant lots of food stops with weiner coffee and cakes.

Japan is not generous with water cups
Lazy lunch on sunday
Dessert Menu
Beautiful Tape
Obachan Card
Shopping at Quatre
Christy San

Without someone wise like Christy I would never see the beauty hidden in this city so thank you Chirsty for your guidance (she also teaches me Japanese). A Christy I need, she’s a friend indeed.


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