A Struggle

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chirsty and I

Monday was a busy day! The first in a few weeks were I had a constant flow of to do lists, nothing too extreme, it’s good to have a nice busy day. I wore a head scarf in my hair cause I thought it was nice, little did I know what it actually ment. All the teachers were commenting on it all day, most of which don’t have English so I was presuming they were just expressing that they liked it. At the end of the day Yuki Sensei came up to me and asked if I knew what was on my head. Weird question, I was wondering weither he was implying the scarf fell onto my head! Yes I was well aware I had cloth in my hair 😉 He then told me that wearing a scarf tied around my head like that symbolized a struggle. I instantly thought ‘oh crap they think I’m moaning?’ but no they had all been talking about what a wonderful message I had been showing the kids. It is a sign of struggle but more a sign that I was trying hard to defeat a struggle. It represented hard work and commitment, the teachers were so delighted the children could see me portraying not only a struggle but also a public attempt to over-come this struggle. It showed bravery. Kudos to the scarf!


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