Always say yes?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday coffee can

Monday morning the alarm malfunctioned, luckily I am so terrified of being late I woke up with a sixth sense that something was wrong. I made it to work on time no problem but skipped the breakfast ritual. So a little scattered and really hungry I arrive, but not late, never late. I explained to the teacher beside me about my late wake up dilemma and he says I need some coffee, then I’ll be good to go. So while I am not looking he actually drives to the shop and gets me three cans, his favorites for me to taste. Wow, nice guy, thank you (where is me bread roll though?)

So he presents all three cans and says I should have all of them to find my favorite taste. The cans look small so I agree, I had no choice really the guy just drove out of school to get them for me! All the teachers around watch in anticipation as I try them all. I drink coffee but only sometimes and usually milky so I struggled but managed to drink them all. I make sure to make as many enthusiastic yummmmm sounds as possible, he then tells me it’s the strongest you can get in Japan, I thought so, it was like drinking treacle! Well I was glad and thankful, it should wake me up and get me going after a rough start. Well, oh dear, I am not so glad once I hit my first class. I can barely talk, my hands are shaking like crazy, the kids probably thought I was a nervous wreck. It lasted the entire day and needless to say it exhausted me. So now every morning he presents me with a can of this crazy crazy coffee, I cannot bare to drink it, I cannot bare another day like Monday. How do I make this madness stop without offending the kind donator? Always say yes?


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