Edible Autumn

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Japanese food is a wonder to both the eye and the mouth, but sometimes it can also be testing for your courage and strength. Japanese people love to watch foreigners eat something new and traditional, they will hand you a spoon of wasabi and watch in wonder for a reaction, so you really have to put on a show no matter what is slimey or bubbling on your tongue. I had some spectacular autumn dishes with a friend on Friday night, luckily nothing too extreme, it warms my heart to know at least I’ll always have a beer close by to wash anything shocking down, as they will never let your glass get empty. No matter how much wasabi I like on my sashimi I am always encouraged to have more and so I blew my head off a few times but other than that it was an extremely delicious meal!
Aomori Autumn Mushrooms
Autumn HotPot
Inside Hot pot before it cooked; prawns, fish fillet, tofu, mushrooms and miso
Sashimi Godess
Garlic Clam, lots of garlic
Autumn roast scallop, prawn, sweet potatoe, chestnuts, egg and Japanese Veggies

Glorious Guinness
All washed down with a few pints of Guiness in a bar which serves the only Guinness on tap in Aomori, its called No-No-Hana and I think it should in fact be called Yes-Yes-Hana in glorious triumph of these fantastic drafts Guinness’s!!!

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