Give a Little Get a Lot

Monday, October 4, 2010

Watermelon from Christy’s Garden

It’s hard to not feel constantly in debt here, this is not a bad thing at all just something that endlessly amazes me. I am still receiving countless gifts every other day, a small token makes all the difference, a can of Aomori apple juice, Noda making me lunch in school, the pumpkin from Namioka, a bag of sweet potatoes from my weekend adventure…. Last week being my birthday week the gifts escalated so last night I decided it was time to return some favours. A great receipe that was given in our welcome booklet is ‘Banana bread in the rice cooker’. So damn easy to make 🙂

Bananer Bread
Lunch from Noda Sensei, ‘Scallop and Mushroom Rice with Noodles’
Aomori Apple Juice from Yuki Sensei
A birthday card from Mio and Stev in Namioka
Chocolates from Tanaka Sensei
Simply mix it all up, pour it in the rice cooker and bam your house smells like heaven. So I brought it in this morning all wrapped up, sliced it up and presented it in the staff kitchen. Well you would think I cooked them a full roast Sunday dinner. The smiles I got today reached peak high. They were very intrigued at how I had made it in the rice cooker, also who told me how, how long did it take, what ingredients are in it?? It’s lovely when they huddle around you in amazement, for the smallest amount of effort I was swamped with appreciation. So I am printing out the receipe for them all, and I’m spreading the bananabomb love…as well as sneakily teaching them some English!

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