Monday, October 11, 2010

Sapporro Beer Museum

The October long weekend in Japan, and it was begging to be used for some more adventuring. Friday popped up after a week of fun, and I packed me bags once again. This time I was headed North to Hokkaido. An overnight, undersea train took me and six Aomori friends to  the city of Sapporrop in the most Northern Island of Japan. Unfortunately we only had seats, no beds where left when we booked, it was a struggle with leg room made for Asians but I managed a few hours of sleep. Thank God as the smell of the dried fish (the other passengers were eating) was making me feel a bit queezy.

Crave, John, Jackie and Bec
A Lazy mans stairs

The first day we hit an amusement park which was a strange experience. It was quite an eary place, the roller coasters were pretty old and dodgy looking but still very very fun experience! After lunch myself and Jackie had had enough of the bumpy rides so we left the others to find more coasters and we hit the onsen attached to the park. Which was a glorious decision, there was not a soul in the bath-house, the two of us floated around like a pair of happy seals.

Potaterrrrrrrr drink
Hokkaido is a huge city and is famous for, cheese, milk, miso ramen, potatoes, crab and beer! Sounds like heaven right? Our aim was to get as many and as much of these into us as possible.

Massive crab, weighed far more than I expected

Our second day was a bit blurry after two beer gradens in a row, but we visited an area famous for glass blowing at some stage which was pretty cool. And at another stage I got to hold a massive crab which was the weight of a large baby, at least!
Sapporro Beer
Aomori to Sapporro

Can you find Hannah San?
Our last day we went shopping and took advantage of the zara and topshop (among others) which made me feel like I was at home just a bizarrely more expensive version of home. I know I didn’t think you could get much more expensive than Dublin. But you can. We also hit LOFT which is a Japanese shop that is truly amazing, I spent a bomb on sticker’s, you probably think I’m a fruit cake but you should see these stickers there like nothing you’ll ever imagine. I never thought the day would come where stickers gave me more joy than shoes! We ended with a crab-tastic dinner before hoping back onto the night train to Aomori. This time we had beds and they were glorious.

Jaqueline on the night train
Home to Aomori

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