Italian Ikebana

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



  My third class of Ikebana flower arranging I completed an Italian style display. The sensei is brilliant, she explains everything, I manage to just watch her and copy her moves (as well as trying to study the diagrams on the board). Then once we have all watched and copied she comes around to each student’s seperately and pretty much re-vamps the whole arrangement. Mumbling away to me in Japanese I have no idea what is going on because as far as I can tell she just ignores all the rules she just taught us. I obviously just nod and smile.
The trickiest part is arriving home and having to re-arrange it again. I never know whether to re-create the original or the one she magically put together, I usually just try and make it pretty!

The prep work table
What I am supposed to follow
The final outcome
Sensei cracking jokes in background

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