Sweeeeeet Potaters

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Erina, myself and Christy picking sweeters
Sunday morning, myself, Christy and cute little Erina, pulled on our boots, gloves and aprons and set out for some sweet potatoe haversting! We had signed up for a class on a farm in the mountains which turned out to be a fantastic find. We picked the potatoes with the other 11 in our class, some people got lucky and found a ratty along with their potatoes which was terrifying but the teacher kept reminding us ‘we were in the mountains so what would we expect, nature is all around us’ .
Christy Bahr
Watching for ratys
Change your shoes, apron and bandana tied tight we hit the kitchen with our freshly picked potatoes. We cooked a delicious sweet potatoe pie thing with custard inside, it was easy peasy and delish, I even got to bring home lots of extra potatoes to practice on! So fun hanging with Erina and Christy on a Sunday morning cookin up a storm, and it was so lovely to see all the Japanese family’s cooking together in the class.
Christy and Erina nervously splitting eggs
Refilling the skins
Sweet Potatoe Fun
Dinner Time!
Thanks Christy for the Birthday adventure!xxx

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