What Is Worse Being Late or Naked?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This morning was eventful. Whilst cycling to school in my long skirt (only long because its the Japanese etiquette law) the cloth got stuck in the wheel. I should have known after all the warning I was given as a child, but no there I was going down the hill to the school thinking how nice the breeze was on another 38 degree morning. Luckily I noticed as it was happening so I had time to pull the brakes which avoided a head first tumble over the bars. And instead I just plopped onto the grass. I may have saved my skull but my skirt I did not. The thing was shredded in numerous areas and also filthy, there was also the fact that my knickers were out for show. The question arose, what is worse in Japan, to arrive to work late or naked? I chose naked, I believe I am wise. So I used my hair clips and hair bobbins to try and patch it up. Whilst doing this I created a large crowd of people who in turn began to donate any sort of clipping thing. Some even offered theie socks I am really not sure why, probably as a desperate attempt to help with my kinckers being on show. They then walked me and my bike in a parade to the entrance. I felt like a dirty shredded queen.

I got the stapler to it in work once I safely made it to my desk and it looks lovely now! They would have let me go home to change but I enjoyed them laughing at me histerically.

Late would have been a bad move.

                                        If all else fails I can catch this bus to Ireland it will drop me to Dublin Airport!

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