Wild goose chasing

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First weekend of September was a weekend of welcomes and wonder. The official Aomori welcome party was held in Shichinohe camping mountain cabins, before we got to relax with fellow JET’s from around the ken we were sent a running wild! Clues come out online at 8am and you have till 4.30pm.  In teams you decode and get on your way to find & map/photograph each area, it becomes not only a race against time and knowledge but also creative enuthusiasm! Not only are you looking for the famous rice fields, the big buddha, but your on the look out for women in komonos (30points), crazy japanese car dashboards (30 points), playground swing sets, the list is actually endless but you get the idea….the more points you rack up the better chance you have of taking gold!
We did not come first, at all, but it was a deadly day none the less, got to see tons of stuff and had a ball with the team buddies.

Team member swith an ‘Obachan’ aka a granny!

Crave and I in an Onsen.


I Love JET Programme sign with Japanese


In the distance you can see Big Buddha


Go-Karting down Moya-Hill which was lethally dangerous but deadly fun!


Most of these photos belong to the lovely Christy Bahr, you can see her blog to, she lives here in Aomori City and she’s a great pal 🙂 Thank you Christy Sensei for lending your photos!

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