You Are Penis

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My supervisor just came to me and asked me about some slang phrases she was trying to learn. So one was ‘ you are nuts’ but she had obviously looked it up in the dictionary and was saying ‘ you are peanuts’, saying this with a Japanese accent actually comes out ‘you are penis’.  You can only imagine the strength I had to use to fight back the laughter. Firstly I didn’t want her to be offended so I asked her to repeat it several times, only making it far more humorous. Then I asked her where she had learnt it. From a friend apparently. some friend! At this stage I couldn’t hold it back, I started laughing and said that no you should not say penis to people ‘you are penis’ is not a slang phrase. She started then laughing when she saw me crying with laughter. I was so confused at this that I asked her to write down the word, but she often asks me to ‘draw’ a word when she wants me to write it down, so she repeats ‘you want me to draw penis?’ …oh god no! Eventually I figure out she was trying to say peanuts, so she is now scared to say it because of my uncontrollable laughter but probably for the best I think it’s safer she doesn’t go asking for penis at a bar! I explain that I didn’t hear her properly that she can say ‘you are nuts’ but ‘you are peanuts’ is not very common. She wants to know why I think peanuts are so funny.

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