Anpan, Croissants and Pumpkin Muffins

 November Pan

Mio and I



Thursday Pan date came around nice and quick, before we even had time to practice last month’s recipe we were baking new ones!  We made Anpan bread, which is bread rolls filled with bean paste (a sugary beany mush), croissants and festive Halloween muffins.  We are slowly improving at making cute doe balls but still have a fair bit  to go before we are half decent at it. Was great learning how to make croissant shapes, something I have always wondered about! You make a long skinnyish roll of doe with a bulge at one end, then you flatten it with a rolling pin, next you roll it up (like a sleeping bag) from the fat end (roll three times), lift it off the table and tuck around the end skinny strip….well that was hard to explain, hopefully the pictures will help.

Croissant Rolls, right end is fatter than left


All rolled up ready to be baked.


Croissant Rolls with Egg Glaze

The End


Are these not the most adorable little bread’s ?

Mini Loaf making


 The pumpkin muffins were nice and easy to make, adding a layer of raisins while pouring the mixture into the cupcake cups was a good tip.  If you mix the raisins into the wet mixture it discolors it.

We enjoyed our bread with salad, corn soup and ratatatatatatatouille!

The staff room had a field day when I came in on the Friday laden with Anpan’s.  They were completely amazed, smiles all round!

Anpan Breads


Sonomi and Mio with Anpan's


Halloween Muffin’s



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