Studio Ghibli

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli Layout Design exihition is being displayed at AMOMA (Aomori Museum of Modern Art) until early January. I went on Saturday and I have been dreaming Ghibli every since.

I went with Kodama Sensei, the art teacher from Nishi Koko, we have become great friends since she lets me hang out in her Art classes when I’m not busy. She has tiny bits of English so it’s difficult to communicate but surprisingly easy to have fun with her, it is amazing how if you just try hard you can communicate in many other ways, words are not everything.

We spent over two hours walking around viewing these stunning drawings, dating from the early eighties to today. Japan has some seriously talented artist, this is an obvious fact, their style of drawing though is so very different to the European/ American style. They are so beautifully delicate and so extremely cute it would melt your heart.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos but here are some from the internet just in case(like me) you’ve never experienced them before, it will hopefully give you an idea.

These lil dudes are called Kodama just like the Art Sensei!

Kodama Sensei and Kodama’s
Studio Ghibli
Stickers of Kodama’s made by the public viewers
Kodama creatures
Kodama Sensei

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