Council Meetin’

Erina Kneeding the Rice Flour Doe


After arriving back from the two day mid-year conference at Hachinohe (lasted on 3hours sleep during Friday’s lectures) exhausted I went to bed at 7.30pm and got a solid 14hours of sleep. It was only glorious.

I was ready for the weekend which started with house cleaning, soup making and swimming, a Saturday ritual & combination that I have come love. Saturday evening I went to a gig by Council meetin’ . It was great great fun. Erina, Christy and myself got a good feed of Thai food before arriving at a cosy venue full of extremely trendy Japanese music hippies! British fashion is at it’s height of popularity here, it was like being stuck in a time warp in the 60’s. There was a lineup of DJ’s and also a live performance in a small and wonderfully intimate room upstairs. We were the only foreigners there so got plenty of shout outs from the singer who played a few English songs and dedicated them to Christy and me!

We spent the entire night dancing with crazy Japanese friends, with not one break in about 4hours we left the place before the sun rose in need of some serious showers before bed.


British Time Warp


 Sunday morning with sore heads we dragged our sore limbs out of bed and headed for some cooking fun. We had such a blast at the sweet potato event a few weeks ago that we decided to return to the countryside for a Rice Flour Bread Class. This time we asked Kodama to join us (the Art teacher from Nishi).

We managed to have a wonderful time despite the sleep deprivation and explored the gardens while waiting for the doe to rise! A lot of the bread techniques I learnt at bread class came in handy but the rice flour made all the difference. It tasted like real bread as opposed to fluffy clouds!

Next we hope to return again and will be challenged with Udon noodle making.


Mixing the doe


Christy working hard on kneeding the doe

Christy Chan kneeding

Rice Flour Bread Baps

Baking Buddies

❤ ❤ ❤


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