Onsen Pot Wallowing

Pot Wallow

Tuesday was Labour Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday in Japan, boomboom lazy day off. Smiles.

We had great intentions to venture out to Namioka to visit a rural country onsen but our time keeping got the best of us. We were up plenty early but had deadlines at lunch time so we thought it wouldn’t be worth the fuss (and knew we would probably get lost!).

Instead we headed to Goku-Raku-yu, one of my favorites in Aomori City, this was my first time early morning onsening. There are many up’s and downs of early morning onsens; you are half asleep anyways so its delightful to slip back into your slumber state and embrace the laziness. It is also a far more enjoyable way to enjoy a morning shower. Then again on the other hand it is far less discreet without the low lighting, which leads to far more starring, I found myself shuffle running from bath to bath, often stretching my modesty towel beyond its limits. Quite simply the place was jammers with gossip grannies who have no problem starring, discussing and re-starring. Funny little women.

There is this one extra glorious thing about Goku-Raku-yu http://www.gokurakuyu.ne.jp/gokurakuyu/about/ofuro/….the giant flower pots I have mentioned before. These are without a doubt one of the most unbelievably amazing things I have experienced here. Huge, huge flower pots filled with sliky hot  water that you climb into. It feels so cozy having your own pot and it’s so slippery you just slide around like a baby. You can plonk your legs or arms over the edges if you get too hot (frequently happens) and the rim of the ‘pot bath’ is perfect for balancing your head on. It is so hard to express the sheer joy that these things bring to me. Wallow pots are what I have decided to call them. I wallowed in one pot for an un-healthy long time, eventually getting out flimsy and shriveled, but it was dam worth it.

I want one

We then were lucky to be treated to a matinee orchestra in the concert hall. Myself, Sonomi and Jackie headed for a quick lunch to try and wake us up before the show.  This was really a fantastic display but probably one of the worst ideas to go after a feed that was following an onsen. It was an immense task keeping our heads from falling and our eyes from shutting, way too much wallowing in those pots.

Hirosaki Univercity Orchestra

The day was topped off by sushi dinner in a great restaurant called Kantarro. Check out Tesia’s blog, she is making her way through the entire menu, brave brave girl!




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