A みず Mistery

Water Bottle Mistery

Every day I cycle to work and I pass all these bizare water bottles at the side of the road. Can anyone, anyone at all give any clue as to what the hell they are for?? They are used, refilled water bottles, I have never seen them being opened or even touched. They are not for watering because the grannies I have seen watering plenty of time and they use water cans & hoses. Most houses have them at some area around their boundary and not always near shrubbery, some are just plonked onto the concrete beside the telegraph poles. I haven’t noticed them in other areas of town just my little neighbourhood but who knows. I thought maybe they are some sort of emergency water for earthquakes, a terribly bad conclusion I know. Some people say maybe something to do with keeping wild animals away? Still I believe they have some greater purpose, they must!

Water bottle mistery


and some more


A greedy amount of them


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