Dance Performance

Our hiphop dance teacher was having a performance in the city so myself and Jacqueline decided to head along to support her. She has the longest hair I have ever seen so it was partly just to watch her hair, but also to see if we could study harder and teach ourselves the slickness we are lacking in class. It was in an amazing concert hall, and was full of all ages, granma’s and pops, young kiddies, school kids and then us two token foreigners.

Have you ever been to a kids ballet performance and you only really go because your kid is in the ballet school and performing? well it was kind of a similar affair except it was with adults, no kids on stage at all. They weren’t professional, but we hadn’t expect that anyways, but what a strange bunch of people we were watching. Some took it very serious others flaffed around in the background. It was pretty much half pantomime half dance show, the sensei (our dance teacher) kept coming out in bizarre dress up costumes and doing these odd skits (which had everyone in stitches). It was themed around the arrival of the new shinkansen station, (everything in Aomori at the moment is) so they would come out in cardboard trains to the extreme joy of the audience, we were also thought a dance in our seats so that everyone could participate. Very funny affair.

When we arrived into the hall a student from Nishi Koko (who is in our dance class) came running up to us and persuaded us to sit at the very front row…. ‘really?the very front’ we were thinking? But we actually had no choice, we were taken by the hand and dragged down to meet her mum, sister and granny….in the very front row!

So there we were squished in between sister and granny, watching strangely shaped and aged woman in cardboard boxes, clapping and dancing along for the solid hour.

It really was a very enjoyable evening because of all these strange go-ons, we were kept endlessly entertained!

In one of the acts these big bellied men came into the audience and flew these ridiculously big flags, it seems to be a traditional kind of act or ‘sport’. The strength you would need to even hold up the pole would be quite substantial but they fling them all over the audience. Impressive for sure.


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