Door Etiquette


I have grown up in a culture where if you go through a door ahead of someone it is polite to hold it, to save it slamming their face. Or you could open it and offer them to go ahead. Japanese are the politest society I have come across but this custom they do not practice. No matter how close behind you are to anyone, of any age, they will just not hold that door. A creature of habit I suppose I am and I keep holding doors for people, getting astonishing looks of appreciation. How could you not hold a door when you know they will be hit with a full swing if you don’t?  The amount of times I have been door slammed is shocking but it really is nothing offensive just something I need to try to embrace along with all the other cultural differences. I am pretty nervous to go home and end up door slamming people in the face, that would be uncontrollably rude. But I am just as nervous of embracing this culture and knocking out some poor Japanese obachan as I march my way through. I’m stuck in door etiquette limbo.

Apple Of Aomori


I cannot express in pictures or words the sheer size of this apple. Aomori produces beastly apples! It was given to me along with four others from a fellow teacher. It took me the entire day of nibbling to consume it, he kept coming in to check I was still enjoying it. I also received a bag load from Jacqueline, terrifyingly big aswell. Apple over load is a  fairly daunting when you know each one was grown and picked with Blue Forest love!

My granny made the most amazing apple crumble, so here goes my weekend challenge, this is for you noodles!


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