Kanaima Pottery

Pottery crafting



Last minute plans can often brighten up a very normal day. On Sunday I was lying in bed thinking of the hoovering, clothes washing and shower scrubbing that lay ahead of me… Then before I knew it I was en route to Goshogowara with Chirsty, Erina and Kanako to a pottery retreat!  A very sudden but extremely exciting change.

We arrived to ‘Kanaima’ at lunch time and sat down to a very cozy little lunch nestled close to a stone oven and its roaring fire.  The food was warm, comforting and simply delicious, beautifully presented in the pottery that was made on site.  There was something so peaceful yet fun about the atmosphere in this place, and the smell of the food helped a lot too.  You could roll out and make your own pizza to pop into the stone oven, but we enjoyed watching a big group of kiddies excitedly make their personal pizza instead.

Lunch Time at Kanaima


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Kanaima Pottery


Cheeky Dessert


Apple sponge cake


After lunch we signed up for a pottery class, the four of us, plus a Japanese couple watched as our sensei skillfully whipped out a stunning jug out of a lump of clay. No wheel just pure hand skill. We had a feeling she was making it look far easier than it actually was. Not understanding her directions I tried very hard to be a good student by copying her crafty hands. She really was a pro.

Ms.Crafty hands at workJoining the top and bottom halves


Using a cloth & your thumb to smooth the outside, then string to trim the base


Adding the handle to the milk jug


But sure enough with a little help from Ms.Skilfull hands I managed to craft together two cups. The clay shrinks a huge amount so they look like bowls at first but after 1 month of drying out, then a blast in the kiln, they will hopefully be beautiful baby tea cups! They will be posted to us 3months from now… oh the excitement!

My baby tea cup!


The price of this thoroughly enjoyable class is about equal to buying a cup in the shop

1200yen (12euro) which is a bargain to say the least. It may have a few wobbly bits but every time you drink your tea think of the joy of saying ‘Hey, I made this’

Kanako and Erina chan (photo credit to Christy)


Having the chats ...makin some pots (photo credit to Kanako)


A helping hand (photo credit to Kanako)

Successfully trimmin Christy's bowl rim! (photo credit to Kanako)

Happy Friends


6 thoughts on “Kanaima Pottery

  1. Looks fun, Ive been wanting to do it for a while.. might do it soon — question — do i need to bundle up in the making it area room – you all have hats on, making it look like chilly winter

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