Aomori, The Home of The Apple

Aomori Apples

I heard many things about Aomori and its apples before I came here. I heard they were the biggest, tastiest and most beautiful fruits grown for miles. Well yes, they sure are.

I never knew I could become so fascinated by a fruit I have eaten yet barely noticed for years. These apples are grown for you to appreciation, they are not your average ‘pink lady’ that you wolf down while running to the bus but in fact they are bursting with flavor so delicious it makes you sit down, peel and cut it up so as to treasure each and every bite. They cost a fair penny to purchase some can reach up to 700yen(7euro each) just in your local supermarket. That’s if you ever have to buy them, if you have friends in Aomori no doubt you will be spilling apples out of all your cupboards. It is a worrying thing though, this overload of apples. They are so preciously delicious that I am terrified of not eating them fast enough, it would be a huge waste and to see one of them rot would be devastating, something my conscious wont handle well. I eat at least two monsterous apples a day and still the pile does not diminish. So I have started my apple crumble factory.

Apples from Maejima Sensei and his wife

On Monday I baked an apple crumble from a batch of 5 apples given to me by one of the many apple donating teachers at Nishi. On Tuesday I presented the crumble to the sensei for him and his wife (to his utter joy and delight). On Wednesday I arrive at my desk to greet a bag of 6 apples as a thank you for the apple crumble. I started with 5 apples and I got 6 back.

My crumble factory was successful in ways I hoped it would fail.

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble


6 thoughts on “Aomori, The Home of The Apple

  1. It’s true. Apples are like currency here. Everyone’s always trading apple based recipes, and not a week goes by where I don’t receive an apple or two as a gift. I got some from my barber and boss at work this last week. Just eaten one for breakfast.

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