Festive Pan Class

Sonomi chan and Hannah chan stolen bread



Well December is upon us already, with the excitement building uncontrollably for my trip home it seems the days are flying by faster than ever. I find it hard to sleep at night with the butterflies inside my stomach. Being so far from home for so long makes me proud of my adventure but I can’t wait for hugs from friends and family, cannot, cannot wait!

Prepping for the pasting


Last night at pan class we made ‘Stolen Christmas Bread’, stolen is a sweet German bread with lots of fruit and roasted almonds. It was fun being daring with the shape making, myself and Sonomi did it the hard way as a challenge and they turn out beautiful! We also made some pumkin croissant shape rolls, sensei said we needed some practice hence the repetition of the croissants. She was very pleased with our performance this time around! I brought in the Christmas bread for the teachers who could not get enough of it, they were all running around racing to get a piece before it vanished, before I knew it it was all gone and I realized I never ate any, woops! But I got to eat some last night so it was probably best not to feed the bread belly again. The trick with this bread is the roasted almonds in the mix, it gave the bread a seriously tasty crunch along with the sweet fruit. The top of the bread was only gloriously dressed. First with brandy to preserved it, then with a thick layer of melted butter, apricot jam and sprinkled sugar, we very much enjoyed licking our fingers after this step. When the bread has cooled a bit it got a large dumping of powdered sugar. It was hard not to get the sticky tasty toppings all over my face as I devoured a few slices with dinner, it was amazing! I am going to try very very hard to make this for Christmas day.

Bravely shaped 




Apricot'd and sugar'd


Fruit and roasted almonds


Pumpkin Rolls

Pumpkin delights

Fresh from the Oven


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