HipHop Queens

Hip Hopers Decmeber 2010

Last night was the last class of our first term of Japanese hip hop. I have to say Monday is my favorite day of the week simply because I have this class to look forward to. It is hilarious how bad I am but the fun we have means I barely notice how awkward my moves are! I do the class with Nicole and Jackie and lots of Japanses of all ages, shapes and sizes. Up the front are the young extremely slick kids, they simply blow you away with their talent. Not only do they dance extremely well with no effort at all but they dress like pro’s. Down the back of the class there are some dodgy mummy’s doing half ballet half hip hop but none the less enjoying the exercise. We stand about half way. (But no matter where I stand you can see my head pop over everyone else’s in the mirrors!) We have three great pals that we have made, two are students from Nishi Koko, one 1st grader Rui that I teach, then a third grader called Misaki and also her younger sister Yuka who is at junior high school, these kids are amazing fun to mess with and really make the class. They help us lots and often try to teach us some of their insane tricks. We completed our dance last night, which was to the song ‘Hottie Tottie’ by Usher. Very funny I know. I’d have to say we struggled a lot in the beginning, I had to practice in school on my free periods to simply remember the moves but we can perform an entire dance now. We may not be as good as the front row kids but I am rather impressed we have fulfilled the task and have memorized the insane dance! All I can say on my behalf is what was learnt in hip hop stays in hip hop! I cannot wait to start next term and I am far too excited to hear what song we will be busting moves to.

Yuka, Misaki and Rui... crazy kids


Yuka loves sloths!


The Crew!


6 thoughts on “HipHop Queens

  1. Hi Hannah, really enjoy reading your blog , you write really well and bring the whole experience to life. Look forward to seeing you over Christmas and maybe seeing you show off the moves! Mary and Cian

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