Sleeping Beauties

Train Sleepers

The people of Japan can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyplace. They pop their heads down shut their eyes and boom boom the lights are out.

Who knows where they learnt the speed napping tricks from, but they are extremely impressive at it. A train ride in Japan is not a train ride without plenty of passengers head bobbing (with their mobile phones still glued to the palm of their hands). It’s a joy to watch them float away into dream land with the occasional head jerk in fear they have missed their stop.

Not only do they sleep on trains but a power nap in work is not a rare occurrence. Head down, happy days, off they go. No snoring, just peaceful dossing. Noda sensei tried to teach me. She said to always have my hands on the desk with a pen ready and nobody will notice…..I asked her how she stopped the pen from sliding out of your hand or how to make sure to stay sitting on the chair. She said years of practice.

Train Napper


Train Napper


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