Desperation For Warmth

Coming home after a day at work to see -7 on your thermometer, it makes you smile in an awkward terrified kind of way. This is the welcome as you stumble in the door after battling a hurricane snow blizzard on your way home. This place is dam crazy. I did not think people or any type of civilization could live in such conditions.  It snows all day, the wind is so cold and wild it would take the skin off your face. The worst has to be the eyes, the eyes get stabbed with shards of ice if you lift your head to look ahead for too long, but if you look down not only can you not see a thing about where you are going but the dam snow still whips into your face from every corner. I always thought the people of Aomori where a little crazy but in a fun loving way, to think that they endure this every year just blows me away.

So arriving home to minus 7 and needing at least 30minutes for the heater to kick in means you need need need an activity to keep you moving. Scrubbing the bathroom was one days activity but that needed a lot of energy so yesterday I made this bread. The cooker is a great way to get extra heat into the kitchen too! I strapped two hot water bottles to my body and headed to baking in my ski gear. By the time I was done I was verging on warm which made me smile in a non-awkward kind of way.

The Heart Warmer

Nutty Heart Warmer

Two little heart warmers


Very easy to make this little gem. I’m naming it ‘The Heart Warmer’

275g plain flour

125g wholemeal flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cream of tartar (couldn’t locate this at all)

90g crushed up nuts

1tblsp sunflower seeds (couldn’t find these either)

Sieve all these ingredients and mix together, then add in the following wet ingredients (pre-mixed also)

250g yoghurt

300ml milk

1 tbsp runny honey

1 tbsp sunflower oil

Once it’s mixed into a running dough pour into a pre-greased tin, (a big one, I only had two small ones hence the two odd shaped loafs). Sprinkle with seeds. Pop into a pre-heated oven of 180 for one hour. The bread is ready when golden brown and the sides of the bread have shrunk away from the tin.

Serve hot from the oven and use the tin as a hand warmer if still desperate!


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