Ice daggers

Facing Fears

I’ll admit I was a very nervous child. Something as simple as answering the telephone used to make me gag. No joke. Being asked to make a telephone call would make me choke, again I kid you not. As I grew older I became less scared of everything in life and instead just held distant memory’s of the ridiculous flusters I used to work up. Such terrifying flustered that I am surprised I haven’t had heart problems. There are still things I should not be scared of, like walking up my drive way at home, but I am and that will never go away. Since moving to Japan I have overcome fears that I thought as a child would haunt me for life. I never ever wanted to live alone. Never. Living solo was a crippling fear, I’d rather have lived on the streets with the bums than alone. Then before I knew it I’dvoluntarily signed myself up to my worst fear. My first few night living in Japan I was so exhausted I barely even noticed I was alone, then occasionally when I heard odd noises I would freak out. A mini pang of fear that quickly melted away because knowing whatever it was that made the noise I would have to deal with gave me some kind of courage.  Eventually the courage became me and the noises became distant. It helps that there cannot be anywhere safer than Japan in this world, can there? People return untouched full wallets to lost and found that have been left on the bus. They leave cars running, key in egnition, while doing their shopping in the local supermarket. Mad I know. I lock my door at night but many don’t bother. This is the kind of heavenly place for a nervous reck to rebuild themselves.

So here I am living in Japan growing my courage. I will always be nervous in some way, but everyone is. In the place of the telephone fears I have developed a new (just as bizarre fear) one of being murdered by Aomori’s ridiculously extreme sized crows, they are like large cats with beaks that could kill a horse. Seriously disturbing creatures. It doesn’t make me gag or choke though thank god. And now winter has come, with it comes roofs loaded full of snow ready to avalanche you to death, if the load dropping on you doesn’t finish you off then you would definitely be buried alive and freeze. Or you could just get stabbed by the massive ice daggers.

Ready for the kill




Would you walk under that?


Face the fear that haunts you the most and when the telephone rings, answer it.


2 thoughts on “Ice daggers

  1. haha this is funny……you should know by now that nobody answers the phone in our house (i put it down to laziness rather than fear!)

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