Ikebana in January

Ikebana January 21st

Ikebana club at Nishi Koko is really a great club, I feel like I am part of a family when I join these classes. The teacher loves to chat enthusiastically to everyone, (unfortunately for me all in Japanese) but that doesn’t stop her talking away to me, which I appreciate and enjoy. She is a great character, the teachers and students seem to adore her quirky nature. She arrives, does a demonstration which we follow and then we spend the rest of the class fixing each other’s displays and talking about anything and everything. Having Ikebana after school on Friday’s is a wonderful end to my week, not to mention the beautiful flowers I can bring home to my apartment.

Student and Ikebana Sensei

Over the classes I have learned the basic formation of any arrangement is to follow the three quarters rule. You have a base flower which stands tall at the rear of your display, this is divided into three and you can place flowers/ leaves only at the 1/3 mark or 2/3 mark. The flowers and leaves should either fall to the right of this main stalk or face straight towards you, not to the left.

I normally try desperately to watch her every move and copy it exactly which ends with me doing it all wrong, this time I remembered the thirds rule and just went for it myself,  she was praising me all class on my beautiful display and wonderful improvement!

Flowers ready

Tulip, main base flower


Ikebana January 2011


Ikebana January 2011


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