Belly Warming Bread and Jelly



Pan Class January


This month in pan class we made two delicious breads and a bean paste jelly treat.

It is so nice to have bread class to look forward to once a month, pan sensei’s house is a warm and happy place. She takes great care and pride, like many Japanese, in making her house welcoming to visitors and her motherly character puts us all at ease when we are with her. I am so lucky to be able to experience a Japanese home like Pan Sensei’s, it gives me great insight into their way of life.

We made a large loaf which looked and tasted amazing! It was fluffy and light on the inside with a nice crusty crust. Japanese bread is known to be very light and fluffy, cloud like kinda fluffy.


Rolled and shaped doe balls



Don't they look beautiful.








Learning to roll and shape the doe is a skill I would never have picked up from reading books or magazines, it is (to me) the best thing I take away from these classes.

The raisin and cheese rolls were also great to pick up shaping tricks, we learned how to cut the top of the breads to make fancy shapes. Pretty bread for some reason tastes better. The cheeeeeesey rolls where the favorites from the staffroom feast on Friday morning!



Raisin Roll



Fresh from the oven



Raisin Pan



Cheeeeeesy Roll


We also made a bean paste jelly, very easy to make. You need 12g agar,40g sugar, 280ml water and 250g bean paste. Pre-mix the sugar and agar, boil the water and slowly add the sugar/ water mix over a low heat, be careful not to add too fast or the mixture will curdle. Take off the heat and add the bean paste (crunchy or smooth). Poor into a shaped tin which you have coated with water (avoids sticking). Refrigerate until firm to touch, which is about 1 hour. Slice and enjoy.


'An' bean paste jelly


Sonomi and I enjoy pan feasting


2 thoughts on “Belly Warming Bread and Jelly

  1. Not just good pix, well written too….If there ain’t a book in all this, I want to know why – Is there no end to this Leggett’s talent?

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