Blossom in Snow

Cherry Blossom from Hirosaki


Last Friday’s Ikebana class was a little seasonally confusing for me but just as enjoyable. Sensei was sporting a shocking pink blazer to match this week’s flower pallet, of course. The always on tread Ikebana Sensei had lip stick to match clothes to match flowers, all rounder she is. We were playing with cherry blossom branches while watching the snow bucket down outside, strange, made us all long for spring. With the pink cherry blossom branches we had the strangest green crinkly leaves, to me it was lettuce and turns out it is in fact edible. What a strange combination, but sure there is nothing like being adventurous!

Lettuce leaves?

Ikebana January


I love when Noda sensei joins the classes as she can translate all the bizarre stories the sensei comes out with. Talking about growing jungle plants under her blankets in bed reminded me of when I slept with my bowl of bread doe to make it rise…

Noda Sensei


Ikebana Club

Thousands and millions of cherry blossom trees are sent to Tokyo every year for the graduation season which is in April, it sounded like they deforest the entire prefecture of Aomori to send it all to Tokyo.

Learning to clip the cherry blossom tree trunks is a skill I hope to keep forever, ‘it’s not about the power it’s about the twist’, sensei clipped them like cutting cream cheese, we all found it a little harder to avoid the ‘force the clipper as hard as you can’ option.

Ikebana January


Final Piece


Always hate throwing away the leftovers so this week I made mini's


2 thoughts on “Blossom in Snow

    • Spouce! Thank you! Crazy curly Kale! Yea I love Ikebana class, the teacher is amazing, the stuff she creates with just a few branches is quite impressive. I’ll teach you some day.

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