Vintage Cross Country

The leader of the pack


Sunday morning, early, we rose out of our cozy beds to join the 60+ year old men in lycra tights, 4year old girls in snow bunny suits and all the combination in between. The blizzard was in full force but not even a whimper from any of them, it could have been all blue skies for all they cared, there I was googling out the window while they were staring at me wondering what I was looking at with my mouth open. There was really nothing to be amazed by….just another mad blizzard!


 So, I unfortunately got a very unfortunate uncomfortable rash on Saturday night whilst night time snowboarding. It was my underarms before anyone thinks any further. A mixture of a strange thermal material, sweating, freezing, rubbing, freezing, sweating, rubbing ment my under arms were raw, red raw, on Sunday morning. Sorry for that personal information becoming public, probably to nobody’s enjoyment but it ment I had to tap out of cross country ski activities, a huge disappointment. Thankfully I still got to join along to watch and giggle at the marvelous sights.

Lycra Tights


Crossing County Boots

Cross Country Ski's

Aomori has some things about it that are rather old fashioned and dated, this without a doubt is a marvelous example of it. The ski’s were ancient antiques, something that really should be displayed in a presentation cabinet rather than used. It is no doubt a fantastic centre and was of course a very well organized event despite the antiques. Nine AM que up collect your pre-ordered ski’s, polls and boots, along with a race number and free towel to bring home! The fact you had to send in your shoe size and height a week before gives you an idea of how much work goes into these events. Opening ceremony, outside, in the blizzard, was followed by a group warm up/ stretching session. You could barely see in front of you never mind the person giving the examples. It was rather amusing watching the men in tights stretching beside my friends who were wrapped in layer upon layer of ski wear. And before you know it they were off around the park and back again in time for a closing ceremony. It was great to see all the ages learning together, tiny kids who where oblivious to the crazy weather that almost swallowed them completely- they were too busy following the leader like ducklings following their mammy.

Little Cuty and the local news broadcasting her cuteness


Hot tea in a can from the vending machines is trully a God send in these conditions

Great to know you can pop along to this centre any weekend and rent the gear for free. Although it’s vintage it’s still in great nic thanks to the immaculately clean/ appreciative Japanese and their gentle non abusive ways. It is in fact so old that the colors/trends are back in fashion with a force.

Sonomi, Tesia and I with a rare blue sky that appeared from nowhere!

Snowboarding on Saturday evening was a different story/crowd altogether, the coolest kit I have ever seen was being displayed on a crowd that I swear I had no idea even existed in Aomori, some lad was flying down the mountain in a XXXL Celtic Jacket with his pants around his knees, kinda felt like I was out of place in some P.Diddy music video. My matching, normal sized, jacket and pants were seriously not cool, badly need to throw in some bizarre pattern/ colours/ accessories. I shall be more prepared next time, the shame of it all was too much.

Turns out the snow in Aomori is not only amazing to look at but also deadly to play on.

Cross Country Skiing January 2011


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