Tons Of Truffles

From Misaki, one of the HipHop kids.

Truffles in Fluffles

Valentines Treat


So after that Valentines Post I got an obscene amount of chocolate Valentines truffles and treats. Throughout the day students came to the staff room and into the English room to donate beautifully made and packaged baked yummies. It seems being from a foreign land means you get the same nice treatment as all the male teachers, I wasn’t complaining… just scoffing. The smoothest silkiest truffles covered in hazelnut chippings, almond powder, cocoa, white chocolate dust, some with heart shaped detail from eadable beads. Brownies in pastry that would melt your eyes as well as your mouth, sugar biscuits with melted chocolate hearts, sweet potato cakes and cuty cookies all wrapped in little bags with bows and stickers.

I wish I wasn’t so greedy and had photographed all the truffles together in their glory but it was too much of a challenge, I am sorry, kind of.

Sugar Cookies


Chocyyyyyyyyyy truffles


Butter Cookies and Mini Pastry Puff


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