Otaru- Sapporo


Sonomi and I ate Otaru by day

Saturday we enjoyed some more snow sculptures at Odori Park and also stumbled across a snowboarding jump competition which was great fun to watch but it was hard to stand for too long before every inch of our bodies began to freeze over. After a well earned bowl of warm miso Ramen (which helped hugely in the defrosting) we hoped on the train to Otaru.

Sapporo Snow Park

Sapporo Snow Park

Sapporo Snow Park

Ready For Ramen

Miso Ramen


Otaru has a snow lantern festival during ‘YUKI MATSURI’ (Sapporro snow festival), the town lines a cute little canal and the locals build beautiful snow lanterns that light up your heart when the darkness falls. In Sapporro at Odori park the sculptures are built by professionals and artists who are very skilled craftpeople. However in Otaru the lanterns are made by the locals, simple but stunning. We hid out at the Otaru beer garden for drinks and more warm food while waiting for the night to come and the lights to be lit. It was so gloriously twinkly!


Otaru- Lighting the Lanterns


Otaru Beer Garden with Anne

Otaru in Twinkles

Otaru Snow Lanterns

Otaru Snow Lanterns

Snow-Chans 😉

Otaru Snow Lanterns

Otaru Love


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