Pancake Drink ala Can

I frequently stumble across things that blow my mind in Japan. The oddest, strangest quirkiest of things that make me double…triple take and generally spark a jaw drop. This is quite a fantastic example.

Running through a shopping centre yesterday this caught my gaze for a split second and before I knew it I had dropped my bags and umberella…there I was frantically scrambling in my purse for 120yen (1euro 5cent). Get me this thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!


Hot Cake Milkshake drink


A can of ‘Hot Cake Milshake’. Not too sure whether it would be amazing or atrocious I didn’t care, I just wanted the damn can to prove I wasn’t imagining things.

Sure enough I found it pretty horrid, but if you’re a pancake freak and love sugary drinks then why not have a can of ‘Hot Cake Milkshake’ for breakfast tomorrow. It came from the vending machine warm and tasted, surprisingly, like a pancake! A seriously syrupy pancake.


What next? A canned sandwich to slurp before your sweet pancakes?

Canwich's are apparently on sale in Salt Lake city in Utah USA




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