The Big Thaw

The Glare of Aomori


The temperature (would you believe) has been rising quite steadily over the last two weeks, the snow (would you believe) has begun to melt and drip away. There is a blue sky, a glorious snow melting blue sky above our heads.

Instead of a sharp white glaring light hitting my eyes when I walk out the door there are glimpses of color slowly but surely creeping in, tree tops are gaining control of their trunks as the level of snow lowers, they are beginning to stand tall again. Pieces of pavement and walls are creeping out from beneath the dripping layers. I find myself staring at the ground as I am walking along, amazed at the browness and the fact that I don’t have to climb on mounds of ice anymore.

The melting snow on the roofs comes thundering down every so often, creating a colossal boom that shakes my whole body in fear every time. I thought my washing machine had exploded the other day, then I thought the shower exploded (which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I got a new one), then I thought someone was trying to break in…eventually I realized the huge icicles were shattering onto my balcony. I watched those things grow every morning while eating my breakfast and in just a few days the crystally hanging columns had suffered the burn of the sun, plummeting to their deaths.

The drains have the sweetest sound of running water, the white blanket of silence is lifting.

I miss the white but there is something really special about Aomori climbing out of its snowy grave. Spring is fighting for its slot.

Hakkoda with Allie and Josie, enjoying the glory.



Hakkoda Gondola.



Hakkoda Happy


The snow in the Shi is melting but Hakkoda is still heavenly powdery, we returned on Saturday for some cheeky runs and hope to squeeze in a few more weekends before the grass pops through and the Sakkura blossom explodes.


Team Hakkoda with the Joshu (snow monsters)




Allie the Messer and her Hakkoda


Josie @ Hakkoda


Allie @ Hakkoda

Josie, I, Hakkoda and Aomori


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