March’n Pan

Twisty Rolls before their fillings

Alot of pople have asked me what exactly I was doing when the big earthquake hit here in Japan, well I was in work just about to click ‘publish’ on this. The power cut out after the earthquake and I thought I had lost it but I just found the post in my draft folder it must have saved automatically. It would be rude not to post it and so on the day I return to school from a break in Ireland I bring you my last normal memory from March 11th 2011.

A twisty turny pan class to lead us through March. We made twisty rolls, cinnamon Danish pastries and good ol Swiss roll. I could not help but remember the distinct eggy smell of the Swiss roll the minute I saw the menu. It brought back memories of making it at home in ‘Cherry Lawn’ with tones of nutella or cream, strawberries, raspberries and kiwi. All three of us arrived unusally tired but once again we left pan class all smiles and bulging bellies.

Swiss Roll before the rollin

Swiss Roll with Amazing Apricot Jam

 Next is the beautiful twisties

Shaping the twisty rolls around cones


Fresh from the oven, filling the nostrils with beauty smells!


Wait for em to cool then fill em up and pack it in!!! Custard or Choccy

Following the twisties came Cinnamon Rolls, both little and large…

Beneath the layers of a cinamon roll


Roll it up and either make a cirlce (as photographed) or keep as a long line


If making one large bread make into a circle and cut with scissors as shown


Spread out cut pieces as shown above, let each piece overlap the last


Baked and glorified with almonds and sugar icing


OOOOOR you can make these minis by keeping the roll as one long piece and simply slice off a small section to make each mini


Enjoying the feasting, filling the bellies


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