Learning To Roll Me Own Maki



Kappa Maki (Sushi Cucumber Rolls)

At the beginning of March I had my last lesson of the year (Japanese school years change in April) at Namioka Special Needs School. Two Wednesdays a month I hop on the train out to the quiet countryside and enjoy what is usually my two favorite days of the month. I get to wear crappy tracky bottoms to this school which is always a great start to the day 🙂  . The kids at this school adore me like the Brits love their queen….. I don’t really deserve all the love/ affection/ adoration (sorry to any queen lovers). I love them back without a doubt but it seems they just have so much more to give me than I can ever give them.

Every class with this school starts with a questions/ answers game. Without fail the first question is ‘What is your favorite food?’ this question always comes first all because the first time I answered it resulted in great amusement. It gives them endless entertainment when I tell them it ‘s ‘Kappa Maki’ (cucumber sushi rolls) I think it’s kinda like saying you like shredded carrots or something just as insignificantly boring. I’v moved on and have many new favorite foods but it’s the sheer pleasure of watching them roar laughing that makes me answer ‘ I love KAPAAAAAAAAAAAA MAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’.

Cucumber, Seaweed and Rice.....the essential ingredients

And so on my last day they surprised me with a lesson on how to make my own Kappa Maki. They were worried when I returned to Ireland I wouldn’t be able to find them so we set about on the most important lesson that they would ever teach and I would ever learn.

Watching the Rolling

They got so excited about it we had to split the class as they all wanted to help me, so I actually had two lessons!

I’ll hopefully never forget how to make these little gems but it’s the memory of how I learnt that will stay with me forever.

My very own kappa maki..............a little shaby yes I know but its alot harder (to keep em neat) than it looks


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