Ikebana April

Focus Point Flower

 Back to school, back to the tricky Ikebana. Now even trickier as my supervisor Noda Sensei was transferred to another school, therefore I have no translator…. 

There has been weeks of despretely trying to follow Ikebana Sensei’s every move then finding out I picked up on most of the ‘don’t’ than  the ‘do’s’. She usually laughs and says ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhh Hannah good challenge but no no no’. I do try very hard to follow the instructions but this day I decided to trust my instinct while keeping a vague eye on the Sensei’s piece………my bold moves payed off last Friday and the teacher was so proud of me I was picked to present my piece at the school entrance for the week.

It’s all about the angles of the curves and the direction you place them in


Now I am reminded of my lucky strike every time I enter the school! 

April Ikebana 2011

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