A little Mountain in the Sea

A Blanket of Dog Teeth

Dog Tooth Violet

湯の島 is literally a little mountain in the sea. One week a year this beautiful place opens to the intrigued public. For seven days only you can skip around, around and up and down… probably because a yearlong of trampling might flatten the island into the sea. This place is very special to the people of Asamushi-Onsen not only for its lovely organic cuteness but also because of the rare blooming of the ‘Dog Tooth Violet’. The flower blooms for this week in April only and the island opens up its soggy freshly de-snowed pathways for people of Aomori to view it.

The boat leaves from the pier whenever people are there in need of a ride, its 1000yen (about 10euro) for a return five minute trip and a friendly guide to walk you up the hill and down again. Your guide will be sure to point out every single variety of color/ shape/ size of the precious dog tooth violet. They are cute beauties, both the flowers and the guides.

Asamushi Onsen Island


Asamushi-Onsen Island climb


Dog Tooth Violet
Half Way Up
Our Wise Wise Guide
Sonomi, myself and Crave at the top!
The Peak


At the corner of the island there is a shrine in the sea, you finish off your hike with a perfect picture of peace. Arriving on the mainland you look back at your reminder of the amazing beauty of this country and you pray for the pain they are all silently suffering right now.

For Peace

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