Engwish Engwish, I Enjoy.

Q: Where are you off to today? A: Oh!

The wonders of this crazy world of Japan wear off for some living here for a long time; things become less different, they don’t seem so odd or bizarre, I call it loosing your ‘second glance’.  Well my time for this settling of amazement has not arrived, and I am so very glad.  Everything still makes me laugh, the odd Engwish in particular.  I hope that my second glance/ double take will last forever, it’s what keeps the adventure here alive.  Engwish is everywhere and it brings such a burst of laughter that I vow never to shrug it off.  It’s the kind of laughter that literally explodes out of you, you’re laughing at somebodies mistake so naturally there’s always a slight guilt about it.  Similar maybe to laughing at somebody fall on their arse…you can’t help laughing despite the slight cruelty.  In these awkward situations before you even know it your covering your mouth hoping the poor thing didn’t hear your outburst, usually you laugh before they have even fully hit the ground.  A load snigger is often popular too.

'Love Seems The Swift'

Here in Japan these guilty laughs are endless, one can never get enough of it, whether it’s a strange road sign, a poetic t-shirt or a very bizarrely translated poster, each and every one carry a distinct charm.  The Japanese are most of the time aware of their unfortunate translations but they aren’t too bothered, they say that roman letters look ‘cool’ and so the choosing of random words is intentional.  Obviously they don’t imply them to be so ridiculous but to them it’s worth a shot and if something odd comes out  after a random grouping or a direct translation then so be it. 

A popular thing for somebody to say when trying something new is ‘I challenge’… so good for them keep up the challenging!

I pass this all day while visting Namioka School, still has a fantastic effect on me


Would you like some creap in your coffee??....Japans artificial sweetner


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