Cafe Chienomi

Coffee at Chienomi

When I leave this amazing country in August there will be a never ending list of ‘what I will miss most about Japan’ but I can safely say that the beautifully  cafés will be in the ‘Top 5’. They are so perfectly quiet and so incredibly cute. They’re a picture of elegance and delicacy at the same time as being cozy and comfy. I cannot think of anywhere in this world that has such silent hidden gems of delight. Granted you have to go searching for these beauties but it’s not too hard and once you find them, in your heart they are forever found. A lot have French names because the Japanese like the idea of the modern chic Parisian cafés. I’m not sure they realize the Nihon version is so very much better. A café in Paris will always have a buzz, doors swinging, people chatting, phones ringing, music playing…the silence does not exist in Paris like it exist here. When you bow down, enter through the wooden sliding doors and push the off white linen cloth aside you walk into another world. I have never seen any of these places jammed, if anybody at all there is a solo somebody in the corner reading a book. The music is so slight that you have to close your eyes and really listen to hear it.

Sonomi Chan at Chienomi


Spongey Cloud Cake

The air is bright, the chairs are tiny, the colors are soft and the cakes are so very very spongy. From the outside it’s near impossible to spot these cafes, they are not un-inviting as such just understated and un-advertised. I believe maybe this is why they make you search, you have to want to go here to find it, you have to earn your spot in this world.

Cafe Chienomi


Cafe Chienomi

Myself and my friend found ‘Chienomi’ after some cycle searching on Sunday and the help of a handy sneaky café guide I had recently purchased. The sun has really started to work its magic on Aomori and when we arrived into this café we were met by the most glorious of sun streaks gleaming through the windows, I never wanted to leave. I wanted to eat cloudlike cake all day. This place and its surroundings genuinely made my heart melt a little bit, I don’t think I will ever find a place like it outside Aomori. It was beautiful, it was so perfect.

Cafe Chienomi


Cafe Chienomi


Take a Seat


2 thoughts on “Cafe Chienomi

  1. Ah I didn’t know you had a blog! I’ve got lots of catching up to do, you’ve been writing for a while! Great pictures, look forward to checking it out xox

    • its what keeps me sane during classless school time!! glad I stumbled on yours though, its really lovely! I linked it so other people who visit me can visit you and enjoy your loveliness!! xxx

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